ps5 fire and ice controller
ps5 fire and ice controller
ps5 fire and ice controller

Sony Patents a Haptic Temperature-Adjusting Controller

BKMT Staff

Apr 6, 2023


According to a recent report by Exputer, Sony has patented a temperature-responsive controller that enhances haptic experiences through a soft and elastic sensor component. The patent outlines several conceptual features of the controller, which can detect player actions such as pressing, twisting, rubbing, or crushing the device through a sensor placed on the front of the pad. Additionally, the patent suggests the inclusion of a "temperature control apparatus," which could potentially alter the controller's temperature in response to the player's actions and the in-game scenario.

The patent includes the following statement: "For example, the temperature control apparatus may be controlled such that the larger the amount of deformation, the higher the temperature becomes. This allows the user to feel the temperature change corresponding to deformation." The document also suggests that a combination of magnetic fluid and electric or magnetic fields could be utilized to manipulate the shape and texture of the controller's soft components.

sony's temperature controller patent drawing

Sony has placed a strong emphasis on haptic feedback on the PS5, using it to elevate the experience in games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Astro's Playroom. They've made it a priority in evolving the DualSense controller, with the recent release of the DualSense Edge in January.

Although the temperature-responsive controller is still a long way from being available in a consumer product, if any of these advanced features are eventually incorporated into a future PlayStation controller, they could offer players a range of immersive and novel control options.