Michael Cash from Voiceitt
Michael Cash from Voiceitt
Michael Cash from Voiceitt

Webex + Voiceitt uses AI to Help Speech-Impaired Users Communicate

BKMT Staff

May 16, 2023


Voiceitt, a leading speech recognition company, has recently revealed its plans to integrate its cutting-edge technology into Webex Meetings. This collaboration aims to enhance the existing live translation capabilities of Webex by enabling Voiceitt's AI to accurately interpret and transcribe the speech of individuals with non-standard speech patterns during calls. Leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, Voiceitt's technology learns and adapts to an individual's unique speech patterns, significantly improving its ability to comprehend their intended message. Moreover, it predicts phrases and offers expanded explanations based on user-defined shortcuts, allowing users to express themselves more efficiently and effortlessly.

While Voiceitt is currently offered as a standalone app, the recent partnership will bring a significant change to Webex Meetings. "The integration with Webex is game-changing because it creates more independence for users with disabilities while increasing the potential for more collaborative, inclusive work environments," Sara Smolley, co-founder and vice president of strategic partnerships at Voiceitt, said in a statement. "True collaboration means everyone at the table has a voice."

In addition to its collaboration with Webex Meetings, Voiceitt offers an API that enables seamless integration of its technology with any voice interface. This breakthrough allows individuals with disabilities, degenerative diseases or brain injuries, developmental disorders, aging-related speech changes, and even challenging dialects to access and benefit from Voiceitt's products. Voiceitt employee and beta tester, Michael Cash, added "Video call integrations allow me to communicate efficiently and effectively while using my own unique voice to help fulfill my ambitions. A fully accessible Webex allows colleagues and partners to understand me without having to ask me to repeat myself, achieving a higher level of effective communication and understanding."

Voiceitt's web-based application utilizes its proprietary speech technology to enable individuals with non-standard speech patterns to communicate with accuracy and flexibility. This encompasses various forms of communication, including face-to-face conversations, dictation of emails and text messages, as well as transcription during meetings. The speech technology employed by Voiceitt is adaptive in nature, as it learns and recognizes the unique speech patterns of individual users based on enrollment data. The underlying machine learning algorithms of Voiceitt are informed and refined through its extensive and constantly expanding database of non-standard speech recordings, allowing for continuous improvement and enhanced performance.

According to Cisco, Voiceitt is expected to be downloadable from the Webex App Hub for meetings starting in June. They have further outlined their plans to make Voiceitt available across the entire Webex platform by the end of the year, ensuring widespread accessibility and integration of Voiceitt's technology throughout the Webex ecosystem.